If you know a class of eager kids, consider participating in one of our interactive tours!

We offer field trips for children age 5 to 16.

All field trips begin with a discussion on “why a farm in the city?” where we discuss where food comes from, grocery stores, old city lots and how to build a farm in the city (not with a tractor!), the importance of nutrients and a healthy environment for both plants and people, and current environmental issues.

Children then participate in an interactive farm tour where they will taste all sorts green delights, feed chickens, and see worms at work.

As far as custom programming, we are willing to work with your ideas for your group. Some groups  some harvest and wash vegetables, build new vegetable beds, plant zucchini, and so on. Just let us know before hand.

Farm tour and basic educational activities: $5 per child

Every year we offer scholarships to groups located in the city that cannot afford program costs. Please contact us at newrootsurbanfarm@gmail.com if your school, church, summer group would like to participate but cannot pay the program fee.

We require a minimum of two weeks notice for any field trip. Contact us now to bring your group!

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