New Roots Urban Farm is entering its 11th growing season and we would like you to join us by becoming a shareholder! We are offering 6 shares this season, which are sure to fill up quickly, so be sure to contact us soon! [What is a CSA, you ask? See below**]

WHEN: mid-May through October
COST: $550 for 22 weeks. This breaks down to $25 per week for fresh, city-grown produce.

If cost is prohibitive, please contact us. Food accessibility is important to us, and we are happy to work out other possibilities! Consider splitting the share with a friend. We are able to work out paying in installments as well.

If the cost is still preventing you from joining our CSA, consider volunteering at New Roots. It is a fun and educational way to reconnect with plants and people, and at the end of the day, everyone walks away with some veggies! Email us for more information.

You can reach us at Can’t wait to hear from you soon!

**What is a CSA?
CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. Folks like you purchase a “share” from the farmer, and in return, receive a share of produce weekly throughout the season. Shares usually include 7-10 different types of vegetables, enough for a family of 2-5 people. The benefits of this arrangement are plentiful: shareholders get exposed to new vegetables and develop relationships with their farmers and the land by visiting the farm each week, and farmers are able to pay for seed, amendments, equipment repairs, and more, while getting to know their shareholders better throughout the season. Paying the full amount upfront also creates a sense of shared risk, that “we’re all in this together.” If the collards are lost in late summer due to pest issues, we are all disappointed together, but we may all enjoy an abundant harvest of winter squash later in the season.


Losing half our Neighborhood

Hey all, the board of aldermen are poised to approve a bill that would take 100 acres in north St Louis including 47 owner occupied homes through eminent domain (stealing by the city).  Mayor Francis Slay​ has said he would approve the bill in spite of promising in the past that he wouldn’t use eminent domain.  We need you to call the alderpeople and ask them to delay the vote scheduled tomorrow so city residents have more time to give their input!  Call and see below!


This Friday – TOMORROW – the St. Louis Board of Aldermen will vote on whether to declare 47 homes and other properties on the north side “blighted.” This will allow the city to condemn the properties through eminent domain against the will of the owners, destroy them, and hand the land over to a private developer.

The city claims it is trying to attract the National Geospatial Intelligence Agency to St. Louis – but if NGA wanted to build here, it would build here without the city’s help. The NGA doesn’t want to move here. The city simply wants to destroy our neighborhood.

If this can happen to us, it can happen to anyone in St. Louis. This land grab must be stopped.

PLEASE CALL THE ALDERMEN BELOW TODAY and tell them that you OPPOSE the passage of Board Bill No. 263, which would declare our homes blighted!

Help save our homes!   You can reach each alderman at 314-622-3287.

Continue to call back until you have been patched through to all of the aldermen.

Dionne Flowers
Freeman M. Bosley, Sr.
Christine Ingrassia
Stephen Conway
Kenneth Ortmann
Joseph Vollmer
Larry Arnowitz
Beth Murphy
Carol Howard
Megan Green
Donna Baringer
Joseph Roddy
Joseph Vaccaro
Shane Cohn
Frank Williamson
Chris Carter

Tell the city: Oppose Board Bill No. 263!
At the very least, postpone the vote so the public can be heard.

1st workshop of the year!

IMG_6634New Roots will be hosting our first workshop of the year installing a backyard garden! We bring the labor, tools, and potentially some seeds and starts, you bring the compost and soil, and we make it happen. Grow food this year! You can do it! Andrea Hughes is extremely happy with her backyard garden. Feel free to ask her 🙂 email us if you are interested. The closer you live to us the better your chance we’ll choose you.

CSA Shares Available!


We will be offering a few CSA shares of organically grown local food this year. Preference will be given to those that live in or close to the 63106 zip code. It will run from June 1 to October 31. Cost will be $550. Contact

Harvest Party Potluck



We have had a bountiful year and the harvest is plenty, and we would love for you to feast and celebrate with us. We will be having a Potluck at 5:30, on Saturday October 26th (our address is 1832 Hogan). Please come and please pass the word on to others you know would want to come! We don’t have everyone’s email or Facebook but we want them all to be welcome!

Farmers’ Market TOMORROW


Farmers' Market TOMORROW

I’m excited about our first market day at the North City Farmers’ Market TOMORROW! Today we harvested collards, swiss chard, mustard greens, radishes, onions (the picture is of some onion seed we’ll be saving to plant later), bok choi, lettuce, and more as it sprinkled down. I’ll be picking herbs in the morning to take, also. Looking forward to this new season, and I’ll see you there at the market! -Ashleigh

P.S. More info on the market here

Soap Making Workshop


Soap Making Workshop

This only happens about once a year so clear your calendars for this year’s Soap Making Workshop!! Always one of our most popular workshops, our collective members will lead you through the process of making your own soap using some herbs from the farm- you can even take a bar home with you! Because we do have to order supplies at a cost to the farm, we are asking for a $5 donations towards the materials used in the workshop. We’ll have a tour of the farm starting at 1:00, and the soap workshop will start at 1:30. See you at the farm (1832 Hogan)!




So many delicious strawberries! So delicious, in fact, that the pillbugs, millipedes, and ants have been after our strawberries, too! To prevent this from happening as often, we’ve been picking the strawberries nearly everyday to they’re not sitting as long, which decreases the chances of these little arthropods from getting to our berries! We’ve also been picking off already eaten berries and throwing them away from the bed, first making sure that the plant is not putting energy into these berries, and secondly making sure that we get those strawberries with bugs in them away from our growing patch. Picking strawberries is pretty labor intensive (especially if we’re doing it so frequently!), but it’s also kindof a fun little treasure hunt, and you get to eat a sweet loot afterwards!




Daniel and I went out a few nights ago on slug duty because they were chompin away at our greens and we don’t appreciate that! We took a flashlight, some cups full of salt, and one by one picked em off and threw them in our salt cups where they melted. (Sorry about that slugs, I’m sure that didn’t feel great…) Afterwards, we sprinkled diatomaceous earth ( on the bed, and now our collards seem to be doing so much better! YAY! -Ashleigh

Spring Party just around the corner!

Come help us celebrate a new growing season at New Roots with a potluck dinner and hang out! Come see your old friends and make some new ones over a delicious meal and maybe even some campfire songs afterwards. Feel free to forward on and bring a friend! We all hope to see you there!

Saturday May 11th
Potluck at 6pm
Bonfire, Music, hanging out after

New Roots Urban Farm
1832 Hogan St.
St. Louis, 63106