Urban farming + land stewardship as resistance

Welcome! We’re excited to share our project with you. At New Roots we do much more than grow organic produce in the city; we’re working towards building a new economy based on caring for each other and the planet.

Our site is often under maintenance (limited capacity!) so check out our Instagram + Facebook pages for the latest content.

New Roots Urban Farm is an anti-profit collective. We’ve come together because we share a vision for human sustainability.

We believe all communities of people are responsible for creating and maintaining their basic needs using methods that are sustainable and responsible to the members of their community and environment. We believe all communities can empower themselves and their environment by actively participating in the production and management of their most basic needs.

On the most local level, we think each block or each neighborhood should have a localized food system that they create to meet their community food needs. We cannot rely on distant farms in distant countries and markets to feed us, let alone nourish us. We must take responsibility for ourselves and our communities. We are here as a fledgling experiment and model for what urban communities can accomplish for themselves.

We straddle the geographic border of two neighborhoods in north city St. Louis where we maintain and nurture a farm site, a green house with an outdoor kitchen, chickens, bees, and each other.

Our farm site, less than 1/3 of an acre in size, serves as a meeting ground for people, ideas, growing methods, and innovative approaches to agriculture and responsible human lifestyles.