We’re always looking for volunteers to support our work on the farm!

Contact us if you’d like to volunteer and we can let you know when we will be around.

We are currently resting and prepping for the 2020 season. Check back in February for our spring work day schedule!

Click here to complete our Volunteer Intake Form.

The work on the farm will be farmy, but don’t think you’re not capable of it just because you’ve never done it.

There are other non-farmwork ways to volunteer, too. Some of these include:

    • Photography
    • Construction and electrical work
    • Art art art! We always love folks with a creative leaning to create art in our space. We love murals, sculptures, signs, mobiles, creative benches and herb garden layouts….

And any other number of things. If you share our passion, send us an email and share your vision with us.

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