About Us (Archive)

We are individuals that have come together because we believe there are more responsible and loving ways of existence in our current world.

We are here because we believe that in order to create a more ecologically-sound lifestyle we must create radical systems that actively oppose the dominant capitalist model of exploitation and oppression. Instead of further human expansion to our diminishing natural areas, we strive to reclaim abandoned urban areas in order to create a model and community rooted in sustainability, evolution, love, and justice.

We work towards this by creating alternatives to our current food, housing, and transportation systems. We hope to further this by creating responsible alternatives to our current health and family structures as well. The urban farm is our main project that brought us together. We support the farm and in turn we are supported by the farm. We see the current exploitation and toxification of our soil and food sources as most threatening to our bodies and communities.

New Roots challenges our current food systems by creating urban agriculture models, teaching and empowering inner city youth through food production and cooking, and feeding and nourishing ourselves and others in the St. Louis community.

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