Current Projects (Archive)

Creating a sustainable path for our community doesn’t end with the farm.

While our main focus is food security and sustainability (the focus of this website) it is worth mentioning that we put a tremendous amount of love and energy into redesigning how we live as humans. Other things that the collective does beyond our farm programs include:

Shared housing

Shared meals: from dumpstering, gleaning, and our farm, orchard and gardens

Medicinal herbs and beekeeping

Fermentation: wild and otherwise, mead, wines, beer, kimchee, kombucha, and all things delightful

Sustainable travel: We ride bikes, tandem bikes, and haul using a few home-made bike carts

Food preservation: mostly canning and of course, fermenting

Hospitality: for folks just as poorly integrated into today’s society as ourselves, intentionally or not, whats intentional anyways-in the catholic worker model

“We believe that our society encourages profound injustices, rampant violence, ruinous ecological destruction and greed, and that these problems are embedded in the dominant systems of governance and economy. We therefore favor radical, systemic change and oppose today’s dominant systems, including capitalism, patriarchy and white supremacy.”
Excerpt taken from the website of the Emma Goldman finishing school

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