Meet the Farmers (Archive)


Mary Densmore:   As a young girl Mary loved playing outside and imagining the backyard of her house in suburban Atlanta was a forest full of things to explore. She thought that nature and plants were fun, mysterious and a reminder of her own power, so it’s no surprise that Mary grew up to be a farmer who loves spending time at New Roots. Mary came to New Roots when she moved to St. Louis in 2009 and hasn’t ever left. Her favorite vegetable to grow is cabbage, and she loves coming up with creative ways to cook. While she loves growing vegetables, in recent years she also begun a side project from New Roots called Bee Simple, where she raises bees with her partner James, makes soap and grows microgreens. Find more info about the project here, and find her at the Tower Grove Farmer’s Market on Saturday Mornings!


Antajuan Adams- Antajuan was born and raised in the neighborhood where New Roots is located.  Unlike most kids raised in the city of St.Louis, Antajuan was exposed to gardening at a young age by Sister Mary Anne McGivern and Tim Pakrek.  They instilled on him early that gardening is important and FUN.  This translated into having a love for nature and animals as a kid and teenager.  When Antajaun became a home owner, he continued this love with the garden in his backyard.

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