New Roots in 2013!

The growing season has started (albeit with a few late snow falls…) and we’re already in the thick of it here at New Roots! For this growing year we’ve got four Collective members, some old and some new, with two interns and lots of friends and volunteers around the farm! We’ve got sixteen chicks who will soon be inhabiting their new and improved hen house, two beehives that seem to have made it through the winter (yay!), lots of Robins who like to peck the worms, some mice who sneak into our tool shed, some cats who like to eat the mice (we hope), and a Wren couple who nest nearby. Our grounds include one hoop house with newly replaced plastic, an earthen stove, two sheds, a composting toilet, a greenhouse, some compost bins, 14 rows (with some resting), a peach tree sapling, and a number of herb beds. There’s always something to be done at the farm, and none of it could happen without the love for each other and for our shared work together. Come join us on a Tuesday or Friday mornings from 9 to noon for fellowship, new skills and knowledge, or just the satisfaction of digging your hands into some earth!

Happy growing,


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