Losing half our Neighborhood

Hey all, the board of aldermen are poised to approve a bill that would take 100 acres in north St Louis including 47 owner occupied homes through eminent domain (stealing by the city).  Mayor Francis Slay​ has said he would approve the bill in spite of promising in the past that he wouldn’t use eminent domain.  We need you to call the alderpeople and ask them to delay the vote scheduled tomorrow so city residents have more time to give their input!  Call and see below!


This Friday – TOMORROW – the St. Louis Board of Aldermen will vote on whether to declare 47 homes and other properties on the north side “blighted.” This will allow the city to condemn the properties through eminent domain against the will of the owners, destroy them, and hand the land over to a private developer.

The city claims it is trying to attract the National Geospatial Intelligence Agency to St. Louis – but if NGA wanted to build here, it would build here without the city’s help. The NGA doesn’t want to move here. The city simply wants to destroy our neighborhood.

If this can happen to us, it can happen to anyone in St. Louis. This land grab must be stopped.

PLEASE CALL THE ALDERMEN BELOW TODAY and tell them that you OPPOSE the passage of Board Bill No. 263, which would declare our homes blighted!

Help save our homes!   You can reach each alderman at 314-622-3287.

Continue to call back until you have been patched through to all of the aldermen.

Dionne Flowers
Freeman M. Bosley, Sr.
Christine Ingrassia
Stephen Conway
Kenneth Ortmann
Joseph Vollmer
Larry Arnowitz
Beth Murphy
Carol Howard
Megan Green
Donna Baringer
Joseph Roddy
Joseph Vaccaro
Shane Cohn
Frank Williamson
Chris Carter

Tell the city: Oppose Board Bill No. 263!
At the very least, postpone the vote so the public can be heard.

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